Friday, December 17, 2010

trans-siberia ecstasy

for the fact that this is in a tropical settings, the air-conditioner worked very well on an intimidating cloudy day. the temperature was set at the lowest but the air cooled at a comfortable level. outside the car was a train of vehicles permeating the air. they were in various moods but in this one, anger was the mood. anger for the crawling from a mysterious reason. the weather turned darker and flashes of devilish lights looming over the sky. the eye of a storm was approaching and cast a spell over the strip of land. the vehicles were all in a stand-still. engines humming to the rain drops rhythm. gust of wind chills passed by touching the metals and aluminium shells. now the car was transforming into a siberian wilderness. the hand would like to turn down the temperature but somehow they were tied and could not be moved. the eyes were blinking to capture the surroundings like a camera shutter. the dark and stormy parade was still at a stand-still. the atmosphere was almost intoxicating. it was an offering for a dose of ecstasy from the invisible hand that could not be refused. the wind screen was showing a blurry images in between the wipers enchanting motions. time was moving slow but the world still runs at its pace. in a place equalling siberia, a trans-siberian ecstasy journey has just begun.


cerita lain (他の物語)

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