Tuesday, April 10, 2012

berita mingguan 17

i was a few lucky ones to be able to watch the malaysian gp in march 2012 – and not to mention the extra hospitality that comes along with the ticket. thank you to someone! thank you. this is by far the most exclusive ticket i’ve ever got! domo arigatou! and yeah, this lady was searching for vettel or webber by the way… they were still in the garage (sad)…
alonso and a sauber (i think) getting ready for grid position. i have always been a follower of f1. my first ever full race review was back in 1998 in which i saw sauber was parading petronas brand name on its bodywork and stewart team in the other hand, has a malaysian government sponsorship by putting the word “visit malaysia” on its side-rear wing. i was like “whoaaa… since when did petronas & malaysian government participate in f1?”. from there onwards, i developed my interest in f1 and followed mika hakkinen before switching to fernando alonso (back when he first joined benetton renault. i was like searching for a new f1 hero when hakkinen retired!). 
lewis hamilton is fast but i don’t like him anyway (hahahha). but as a driver, he really is an interesting one to watch. always pushing the car to its limit, always pounding on the car in front of him..and always get into trouble and accidents due to his rather reckless driving.
vettel did not have a good run during the first 2 races in 2012. he was invincible in 2010 and 2011 with the superfast red bull renault machinery. he’s in my KIV list. should alonso retire, i’ll have to choose the next f1 hero to follow. him and a few names has already been under my consideration :) 
two-times world champ (both under the benetton renault machinery and boss flavio briatore) was the eventual winner of the 2012 malaysian f1 gp – after enduring heavy rain, race suspension and under safety car situation. one thing i like about alonso is his ability to max out the potential of a car. even though ferrari did not win much last year, but alonso managed to get podiums and credible top 5 spot in most races. those are very hard to achieve considering how far ferrari speed and performance last year compared to red bull renault and mclaren mercedes.
a little memorablia from the race. how come it’s a red bull renault t-shirt? the answer – i wanted to buy a ferrari shirt but it costs RM250. this one worth RM175. i didn’t want to come back empty handed, so i chose this one. i like fernando alonso’s ferrari t-shirt but i love my money more. what a fate..and what a decision. in anyway, i blew out RM175 for a t-shirt that day. hah! 
how lonely a few empty seats in an empty courtyard can be? very empty and lonely indeed. but i like the way how the evening sun light got through into the courtyard. it’s like rays of hope.
yikes!! and who the hell is this? or what the hell is this? or.. what the hell???! hahahha.. this is supposed to be my self portrait but i ended up covering my face with something that looks like a face and hair hahahaha. but the sunglasses looked awesomely fit up on my nose! and..just look at that hair! a tsunami above my head! 
my dad is now the followers of apple products and he has got himself an i-pad 2 in about 3 months after the official release. as for me, the only apple i can afford is the real apple sold in supermarket. the one that i can consume quietly while thinking about what my life purpose is.. in every bite and chew.
my first thought upon laying my eyes on this two-wheeler is – bumblebee!. it looked beaten and ready to enroll for old folks home registration. however, the overall structure looks rather road worthy and the colors are still in its prime condition (even though traces of neglect can be seen). this is classic. but some people don’t see it that way - sometimes classic is junk.
i like to document skies – morning, afternoon, evening, night, clouds and traces of lights in the sky. for me, the sky is beautiful. clouds are mesmerizing. the light traces in the sky are the lovely mysteries. 
what were you doing during the 60-min earth hour? i was eating dinner that time of day. but that means leaving my house without any electricity running.
early morning clouds caught a little ray of sunlight during breaking of dawn.
here i was lazing around in a hotel room somewhere in peninsular malaysia while watching scandal live performance from my external hard disk. how i love those girls. how i love them very much!
been waiting for this package to arrive and it finally arrives. will update you about what it is sometimes in the future.
the package comes with a note placed neatly in a card name holder along with a violet paper crane origami.
another shot of the violet paper crane origami. i suppose the best paper to use to make paper crane origami is the one that doesn’t reflect lights or shiny surfaced-paper, but this one is beautifully done nonetheless. do you have the knowledge to make a paper crane origami?
saw these rusty lamp (i don’t know what they are called in english) and i remembered that i have one back in my childhood days. i would be the one to light the lamp each and every time the electricity went out, and sit staring at it for lots of time before the electricity came back on (and that explains why my eyesight is bad and now i have to wear glasses).
sat in front of a british india boutique and decided that the display window is worth of a shot. these mannequins fascinated me. they are trapped behind the super clear glass window looking at the rest of the world. some may have the idea that they are the one watching us. well.. still they are trapped behind the glass. their life serves no purpose apart from living in that small area while wearing expensive clothing. hmmm.. sorry to say. 
this is a picture of a picture on display. how does it look? i’d be extra mayonnaise grateful should there be at least one person to say that it’s a nice ‘boring’ shot..hahahha..
this shopping trolley got here by itself. tired from being pushed around along narrow alleys and sometimes being abused by nasty little kids, this metal fellow got itself out from the shopping arcade to a more relaxed and chill atmosphere. beside the comfy seats, this metal fellow found solitude and peace.. temporarily.
i don’t know what these means and they are not hiragana and katakana either. but it’s being displayed on the wall of a restaurant. alien’s literature perhaps… 
at least one person noticed me taking his picture, or maybe he was just having a long view and buried in deep thought. i dunno. never had the courage to ask him :)
not a perfect noodle (the waiter told me some of the garnish not available) but i forgave him since i was dead hungry. aside that, i have this book – on the road by jack kerouac -, accompanying me most of the times these days. i used to like reading fictions, but i found that to concentrate on a book while i was having miserable time juggling between imperfect jobs and sad life was very far too much to handle. i got this book in 2010 and redeemed it under income tax refund (thank you) and only had the time to read it last month! i know it’s a good book. a recommendation from a friend who happened to read it while touring the whole peninsular with depleted cash and get to make a full circle by doing bits of music and with help from his circle of friends in almost every state. what a guy. i’ve been trying to find a book entitled “to the hell and back – and other stories”. do you know who the author is? (well i do..). take a guess. but until now, the book is hard to find. 
trying to find the next in line for my future reading. i do have a few in mind and also some recommendations from a friend who love to read. but in the mean time, it is ‘on the road’ for me :) 
out and about around kl/bandar utama/pj also means i got my wallet spending on uniqlo stuff. hmmm.. this time 2 crew neck shirt – short sleeve and long sleeve (also being given UT tabloid and uniqlo summer fashion book – very many pages lah). not just that, i also bought a perfume! scent… scent… scent… 
remembering my kenzo perfume is now on its safety stock level, i hurried on the next purchase – clinique happy. kenzo lasted for more than one year now. bought it approximately march last year. a few more months to go before kenzo is all finished. and shinobu, the cute vampire is pointing at the camera with no apparent reason.
yuko takeuchi is beautiful as she always does. and this is a fun to watch movie – golden slumber. kind of fugitive-style but being told not the way hollywood would do. it has the elements of surprise, humor, emotional, conspiracy, friendship, love, tragedy and all! the yellow toyota is one good character in the movie. i wish it was me with yuko takeuchi in that car hehehe. there is also emotional moment in which the accused hero did not have any place to go and it was then his father confronted the media (media nationwide accusing him the man behind the prime minister's car bombing) and gave him a moving short message (and ended with a funny short message as well). the title on the poster is written in katakana – goruden suranba… fyi. hehehe.. please watch if you have time! it’s a good movie and yuko takeuchi is damn cute and beautiful!


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