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berita mingguan 18

hisashiburi desu ne.. been a while we haven’t seen each other in this blog of mine. a lot of things has passed and i didn’t have the time and i could not find the strength to update my updates. i suppose you will know somewhere in the middle of my updates.
so, keep on reading! anyhow, it’s a lovely sunday during the time i update this entry. shoko nakagawa will be performing in putrajaya around 230pm but i found myself not in good health and tired at the same time. the thought of having to pass the chance to see shoko nakagawa upsets me but maybe i’ll catch her performance in the future. there are lots of things that i have to pass this year and i suppose i’ll write about them in another entry. okay.. okay.. i guess most of you know what a paper crane origami is. this pic is about millions and millions (not really hehehe) of them hanging around from the roof of the bangsar village shopping centre. aren’t they beautiful?

back to the time i parked my car, the upper level were all occupied and i ended parking my car here. bangsar village are divided into  bangsar village 1 & 2. this one is bangsar village 2. it’s newer than the first one and bigger and brighter..

here’s another view of the paper crane origami. i took his pic while riding up the escalator. one thing that i notice here is that eventhough the car park was kinda full but not many people can be seen on the upper level. the place is kinda exclusive for me and i did feel out of place here. but bangsar village is a good place to walk around. lots and lots of eating places to keep your stomach full.

i could only look from the outside since i did not plan to buy any footwear. but puma has always been my preferred brand. i could remember my first puma that my dad bought for me when i finished high school. due to my good grades, he said i could choose. of course during that time puma was not a popular brand in malaysia. i had my eyes for nike and adidas but they were all space equipment expensive! i weighed my choice carefully when my eyes fixed to a black and green puma (green puma stripe..very2 cool). it was a love at the first sight and i fell in love even more seeing the price tag. i didn’t want to burden my dad. i appreciated his thoughts on buying me stuff. i wore my puma for 4 years until the sole worn out beyond repair and kept it for another 1 year on the shoe rack before my housemate told me to get rid of it (since the shoe rack couldn’t accomodate my retired puma – shoe rack need to clear the unused items). it was my favorite . walked with my puma almost everyday. well, sorry for the story (^_^’) but ain’t this one in the pic beautiful? hmmm…

these watches could buy me lunches and dinners for 20 years! i don’t know if the equation is right but they are expensive! i guess there are many people in this world could afford buying these exceptional priced things. thinking of this, i think we have different perspective on the value of money. for the rich people, they see the value of money as the items price themselves. but for me, i convert the value into what i could spend on – like 20 years of lunches and dinners (there, i wrote it at the beginning of the sentence) heheheh…

many people don’t know this but i like to visit bookstores (hahahah..). i found this one and laughed seeing the illustrations. the right one is vaderillarious! (lame attemp to combine vader + hillarious). i took a quick snap before the staff saw me snapping at the books (while me not buying them) and did a karate-chop at the back of my neck. yikes!

i think that i know who soong ai ling is.. but i may be half-right about the person. anyhow, the shop is kinda unique.

there’s a bridge linking bangsar village 1 & 2. bangsar village 1 is the old one and i did not take any pic overthere. it was kinda gloomy and dark.. but i spent 40-min there reading an interesting book at mph bookstore.

it was the season of which sakura blooms in japan. in malaysia, the sakura are made from the artificial stuff. but looks beautiful nonetheless. (hairy legs? i just hate it. – so the poster says).

before i took off, i took several pics. and the people around me might stared thinking “what the hell is he taking the pics for?” or “man.. he’s taking my picture and he’ll submit my face into a magazine” or “could he be a private investigator my wife hires?” (for husbands who were having a fling without the wife’s knowledge) or “omg..he’s very ugly!”. hmmm.. i need to have lesser self impression of others. it’s not good (^_^)Y

there was many empty floor spaces left unoccupied that you could drive your car in and shop/drive through to the shops..

this is my favorite shop of all – i love the decorations. i walked in front of it many times but never did i enter the shop.

my next stop that day was bangsar shopping centre. this is a famous place for hanging out and groceries shopping for expatriates. both bangsar village & bangsar shopping centre are located not so far away – around roughly 5km max. the parking rate here is like a blood thirsty vampire (am i using the appropriate equation here?).

if i am not mistaken, the price tag for this huuuugggeeeee tv is rm120,000.00! equation time! i could buy a low cost house or a honda/toyota car with this single big screen! the screen is so big that you could lay it flat on some table legs and play ping-pong on it. and, for disclaimer purpose, you’ll not get any blue flying birds along with the purchase of the tv.

there was a bookstore that has a copy of softcover of this novel. if you remember, i did some review of the movie based on this novel – akunin. it’s still on hold since i am still not finish with jack kerouac’s ‘on the road’. on the top of the book, it says ‘everyone has something to hide…’. do you have anything to hide?

stopped by for late lunch at chili’s. burger & fries are good combination should you intend to eat while reading. you could eat the fries one by one while reading. i sometimes look outside the glass window in between eating fries & reading should some attractive ladies walking by hahaha…

i have some of the loneliest feeling inside me whenever looking at this pic. people are doing their daily routine or having their day without them noticing me.

on the road back from bangsar and the sky was blue in the late evening. i love the sky. blue sky, low sunlight setting could be some amazing feature this world could offer. i would wish that i was a bird roaming the sky but the reality is that a bird could easily die from being shot at, being hit by the airplanes and even being electrocuted by some high voltage electric wires. so i did not wish to be a bird. i’ll continue being a human until my end life. anyhow, i asked my dad to lend me one of his collections of gps for trial (right, below). i’d like to see its usage to me. i ended up deciding not to buy one since i got around pretty easily around kl so far without depending on it.

the almost mandatory purchase will be from uniqlo. managed to make a quick stop to buy these precious garments. got myself 2 pairs of 3/4 pants, a black t-shirt and a pair of sandal.

okay, i have been admitted for small operation procedure sometimes at the end of april. this is the hospital gown i wore before getting into the operation theater.

nothing much here. they only cut my hand and move some portion of the wrist and attached by stitching the whole thing back. hehehe.. nah! not really. just a minor incision removing some substance out from the wrist are. no cutting off hands ever occured.

this is my first experience being warded so i got a bit excited. hahaha. since it was a minor operation, i did not feel much anxiety or scared. the nurses are all cute and very attentive. they keep on checking me every 2-3 hours. that was the part i liked the most! apart from that i spent the time reading ‘on the road’ and listening music from my trusted ol’ psp. the tv was on for most of the time but on ‘mute’ mode hehehe..

this is the view from my window. this is the view i woke up on and the view i looked on before sleeping.

another version of “the patient’s view”.

the sky.

the evening twilight sky.

some gifts from the visiting friends. arigatou gozaimasu!

the back section of ‘the curve’.

the courtyard with checkered pattern floor is situated at the back section of ‘the curve’. my first photo of the courtyard was in 2008. this is the second one from the same angle.

the colorful row of small shops lining up the street going towards cineleisure building. it was after i took this photo that i was approached by the guards asking me to stop taking pics. i apologized and when they ask why did i take the photo, i lied that i was doing research for my photography studies. his eyes showed some suspicious look over my reason but i walked away just after that. phew…!

stopped by for some grub at tony roma’s. the fries are tasty and yummy!

did some reading while eating. i found out that reading maximizes my whole eating pleasure. every bite is taken slowly and reading in between eating is okay with me. i love the slow and steady pace. (now you know the price of the book hahahha).

spending some korean time in my living room watching ‘love rain’ on kbs world channel. i saw the commercial and decided to give it a try. i was hooked with the girl and after 2 episodes, i was informed by my friend that the girl is yoona from girls generation. well, it was one info that i didn’t know. yoona is very cute andi love watching her eyes. they are beautiful..

the mountains are blue from a long distance and they will look green at a closer look. i remember calling my teacher as ‘less knowledge’ about how to color a mountain during the art class – he said mountains will have to appear blue in the painting that will be submitted at the end of the art class session. i disagreed silently and did my painting not feeling satisfied (and got D+ for the painting). now i know that i was the ‘less knowledge’ one that time. hahahha…

i was actually heading to trolak for a family gathering at the hot spring resort. i decided to take the trunk road to check the scenery. here’s the behrang train station.

these communication towers can be seen if you traveling using the north-south highway. but if you use the trunk road, you can look at them closely. nothing special. just a normal structure.

i brought mugi chan along as well. she was in good mood since she did not have to drive the car (^_^)

the view overlooking the front entrance of the villa at the hot spring resort. lush greenery.

the living room is cozy and very nice looking. the villa has 3 bedrooms, a kithcen, a living room (all separated) and a personal hot spring jacuzzi at the center of the villa. one day rate is rm1,100.00. but the villa is very2 comfortable.

another angle of the living room. you can see the kitchen and one of the rooms entrance outside.

me lazing around the living room.

me lazing around in the room but ended up sleeping for many hours while the rest of my family members went to the waterpark and hot spring pools leaving me sleeping peacefully. hahaha..

but thanks to this pool, i managed to soak in the hot thermal water at the night time (^_^) however, my nephews/nieces chased me out from the pool when they turned this peaceful jacuzzi pool into a ‘theme park’ frenzy and turned off the hot thermal water (yes, they know all the switches more than i do).. hehehe..

another view of the jacuzzi pool.

i was listening to ‘love rain’ ost while driving and it made the driving a bit less tense since the rain made the road jam-packed with slow cars resulting to traffic jams. i wanna buy a yellow umbrella…

movie time!! elevator to the gallows is a classic western movie but the japanese version is also made with the lovely michiko kichise starring it. the movie is kinda slow with the build up but at the middle will only the pace pick up. nonetheless, a good movie in my view and michiko is exceptionally beautiful in her red dress and her expressions are priceless.

this is a movie that used a diary made by a teacher as the main idea. the diary was found by a new tenant of the house where the teacher previously lived. the teacher character is played by the beautiful yuko takeuchi and the girl is played by erika sawajiri. erika is very cute in this movie. the whole plot is about love – one sided love. a bit sad love story but worth watching.

the baeutiful yukie namie played a manipulator character in this movie. but the whole story is about manipulation so it is like multiple manipulation in which everybody plays a game trying to use others for something. interesting movie to watch and in the end there should be a lesson leraned in life that a human cannot live entirely by manipulating others.

the saddest drama ever! i will say that if you are a human with feelings, you’ll feel the sadness portrayed in this drama. this drama is all about the human character called ‘mother’. the plot is interesting that started when a single lady abduct a kid who is abused in order to protect the kid. in this process the lady learned what it takes to be a mother. the ending is a little tragic but in reality, life is full of tragic conclusion. so, that makes the drama even sadder. yasuko matsuyuki played a perfect role of the main character and the little girl played by mana ashida, is very cute and adorable. the theme song by hinaco – crying smile is nice as well.

life is not easy for some people and this drama is about that. but the drama is a comedy that blends with a high willpower of a woman to free her life and her mother from poverty. the determination and struggle to break free from poverty is somewhat best portrayed in this drama. this one is worthy watching – gakepucchi no eri.

this is also a very funny drama (call center no koibito) that will also let you know the hardness of being a customer call service personnel. all characters are mixed well with each other and some are eccentric. the call center is situated far far away from tokyo and it was hard for a man from tokyo to accept living and working there after being transferred from tokyo main office. the countryside is beautiful and it is showed many times in this drama.

kuitan 2 seems to be the final and no sequels is yet being announced. the holmes agency team up again and solve crimes through food. always entertaining and funny, kuitan 2 is good fun to watch when you want to laugh out loud.

yeayy!! yuki amami is back being the obachan boss in the team full of eccentric and funny people. but nonetheless, they are a team that will solve any crime. a good drama to watch with full actions and cases that will entertain you all the way to the end. michiko kichise left the team but replaced by a new member while erika toda is back in the few final episodes. lucky me! hahahah…

it’s yuki amami again in this drama about single ladies at the edge of getting in the age of 40. always being asked to not being picky and just get into marriage, yuki is actually looking into many issues in marriage and the history she had makes it difficult to step into marriage. it’s a comedy nonetheless and you can laugh all the way to the end. hahaha.

this is a comedy drama about lawyer kuzu (trash). he teams up with a young lawyer who is always working according to the book. with this contradictory characters, they actually team up to solve cases brilliantly. a good drama to enjoy when you don’t want to think about problems. it’s because, in between those funny jokes, there are lessons that you can learn. funny nonetheless! anyhow, i have other dramas to review but my hands are getting tired so i’ll just mention them. ‘hachi one diver’ is about shogi (japanese chess) player. how he struggles to be the best and in the way got involved in dark shogi controlled by evil corporation. the heroine is very lovely – riisa naka. check her out!. the other one is ‘hanayome wa yakudoshi’ with the main actress ryoko shinahara. i like her very much since she is lovely and funny. this one is a funny drama nonetheless. about ryoko who is at her end of her career popularity in the career of the anchor woman for a tv station. but in order to stay at the hq, the tv station offer her to involve in a reality tv amd to make it happen. things got into some turns when she finally attached to the family of the reality tv show. ok.. until later folks. signing off now..!


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