Wednesday, January 23, 2013

destinasi : awesome japan 2

tokyo's blue sky greets you in this second edition of my journey in japan. i went there during autumn season 2010 around mid october. the air was cool and when it's windy, the wind sends some chills down on you. but it was lovely weather. there are times the sun shines that makes the air temperature just fine. okay.. now let's start the second edition of awesome japan travel diary ^^

Sunday, January 13, 2013

destinasi : awesome japan 1

konnichiwa minna!! welcome to my first installation of my japan journey series. i’d love to put almost all of my pics in these series of entries and i’d love to share them all with you. so, in each entry i restrict 30 – 35 pics so that i could write more for you. i hope you’d find the writings informative if not entertaining ^^. if it is not to your liking, pls don’t hate me.. i’m only human and my taste might not the same as yours. for those who feels my entries are up to your likings, pls continue reading. you are the most welcome. irashai!!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Berita Mingguan 20

Hello people! been many months since my last entry. what a break i had. what a break..! many things happened along these past few months which made me unable to update my blog. well let’s see.. my internet connection got busted and i didn’t take any initiative to repair it, my camera got sick and i had to send it for repairs and things in between such as life problems and job things. *sigh*.. life is not a bed of roses for me but i guess i have to take it on and fight my way forward. however, life is also fabulous and i had my dream come true. yes.. a dream comes true. will update you more on that one. Ok, enough of the long opening.. this picture.. i just want this pic to be the featured image for this entry, so i put it first for that reason hehe. the story behind this pic will be told later onwards. keep on reading y'all..!

cerita lain (他の物語)

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