Sunday, January 6, 2013

Berita Mingguan 20

Hello people! been many months since my last entry. what a break i had. what a break..! many things happened along these past few months which made me unable to update my blog. well let’s see.. my internet connection got busted and i didn’t take any initiative to repair it, my camera got sick and i had to send it for repairs and things in between such as life problems and job things. *sigh*.. life is not a bed of roses for me but i guess i have to take it on and fight my way forward. however, life is also fabulous and i had my dream come true. yes.. a dream comes true. will update you more on that one. Ok, enough of the long opening.. this picture.. i just want this pic to be the featured image for this entry, so i put it first for that reason hehe. the story behind this pic will be told later onwards. keep on reading y'all..!
Alrighty, this is 1st avenue. you can find it inside berjaya times square bukit bintang. lots of shops to browse through but nothing much attracts me. i dunno if these shops come to your liking. so why don’t you come over and have a look? as for me, i just love the atmosphere. this one resembles a train station. i just love the idea of it. nice… ^^ 
Along the way inside 1st avenue, you’ll see this kind of sign post – again, may i stress out that i love this kind of architecture? hahaha. neat and tidy. if i could have one in my own home that points out the way to tokyo, stockholm, buenos aires, geneva and parit (my hometown!), it would be totally awesome!!
Had a lonely but tasty meal at kfc. this is the menu set that i usually order whenever i go to have a meal there. while eating, i engaged in people watching activity. but don’t get me wrong. i do not look at people with those weird looking face and dangerous eye contact. i would casually look around and eat. i try to understand myself when i do this. my perception towards others are almost the same when other people have a look at me. we humans are all very much alike. though we say that we do not judge others but we do judge people only that we keep it to ourselves. i say this thing to point out that i am flawed in many ways. there are times my mouth says one thing but my heart strays the other way. enough for the talk. sorry to bother you with this kind of stuff hehe. gomenasai.. minna.. ^^
Can you find any of the frames to your likings? some of them here looks very cool indeed. wearing glasses can somewhat be of a trend and i do find that women wearing glasses to be kinda sexy. hah! nevermind that, sometimes i like to write unnecessary things ^^
Pavilion crossing is one of my favorite place in KL. at one time hundres of people cross by with their own destinations. capturing their images reveals a lot of emotions. If only i had zoom lens, i would be able to take a good picture. a nicer one than this. so i was saying ^^
Well you see these two people? just look at how they face the camera. brilliant! if i was in their position (being snapped for all of a sudden), i may end up making the ugly face haha. but credit to these malaysian people. they seem to be camera friendly
Just trying to give you the idea of how Pavilion looks like. truthfully, it is a nice place to walk around. seeing things and window shop. as for me who is always on money-conservation mode (haha), i just walk and take pics. and my favorite place in pavilion is of course tokyo street. you can read about tokyo street in my previous entry. 
Okay, i did review on my telecommunication devices before this (handphones) and you may have not impressed even for a bit of what phone i used. this new one is not impressive either – samsung galaxy sII. but i just love its features & looks. i know that this is not the latest but that’s me, i buy things that i like. i tried not to be carried away with trends and others (hehe). by the way this pic was taken longggg time ago. you can see the date on the screen hahaha ^^
Hmmm.. in actual, i tried to snap the picture in which that guy was sitting on the other bench. the idea was to have a balanced subject. but after a few second he got up and moved. there… you can see about the power of photography. in seconds the moments can go away and can never be repeated again (unless you are lucky to be able to encounter such opportunity in the future ^^)
My ownself is the subject that i rarely and don’t like to snap/capture. i’m too shy you know hahaha. this is just another lame attempt of self photography. i do not dare yet to take my own full picture. hehe. i’m a coward in that matter.
Kuala Lumpur skyline and sky view in 2012. cloudy day that brings no direct sunlight. i always like blue sky – true blue sky, as it makes a beautiful contrast to the land elements.
One of my favorite apps on my samsung galaxy sII – mirai clock developed by danny choo. mirai suenaga interacts with your touch on the screen. she looks very cute indeed. i found my self always looking at her for most of the time. when she smiles and that’s when i go : “awwww… kawaii..” ^^
Never in my wildest dream to find myself stuck in bukit bintang due to heavy downpour. at this time i regretted for not bringing the folded umbrella in my back pack. to buy a new one would be a waste. having too many umbrella is not my thing. i’m not an umbrella collector you know..
So i waited for the rain to at least come down a bit lighter for about 20 minutes. while i waited on the sidewalk i got the opportunity to watch people passing by (haha). this is one beautiful image to me. the combination of people walking by with umbrella passing through shops during heavy rain has always been an ideal photo shot for me. it’s soothing but yet chaotic. 
what’s this? okay.. my trusted psp, my samsung galaxy sII with mirai chan and tsukasa chan are quite a common sight. but what’s with the forms? and.. is this inside of an airplane? whoaaa… i know what this is (surely i do.. sorry for the cheesy lines there people hehe). but i’ll tell you more of it in my next entry. wait for it ya. bye for now ^^


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