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welcome to r.o.r/s! i've just discovered them and they sound fantastic. i always tune into animeNfo radio and from there i discovered more and more good artists/duos/bands incorporated into the anime world. anime and music cannot be separated and both make a good combination unleashing the true power of anime. now now... here are some info (thanks

r.o.r/s is the acronym of reflection of renaissance/sounds, that's the name of the duo conformed by Okui Masami andYonekura Chihiro, specialized singers in Anime Songs. This team-up created a variation in sounds dance and up-tempo, with a new image and concept, far away from their own personal images.
Formed in 2003, this duo was active only for five months, with their debut maxi-single [Candy Lie], the public acceptance was instantly. In their second maxi-single [Tattoo Kiss] the song was used in the TV Tokyo anime Kaleido Star, and their album [dazzle] all the exits were recompiled and the release of another hit for the TV program Drive A GO! GO!. Then after their album release made an only night concert live, because of their solo careers, decided to rest some time so we are hoping to hear another hit in stage some time in the future!!!
In Animelo Summer Live 2006 [OUTRIDE], r.o.r/s once again made a comeback stage singing their greatest hit [Candy Lie]proving one more time their power.

Name: Chihiro Yonekura
Nickname: Chii or Chihi
Birthday: August 19, 1972
Birthplace: Yokohama City
Blood type: A
Marital Status: Married
Profession: Singer, songwriter and radio host.
Record Label: Was on King Records in the subdivision Starchild,in Bellwood Records. Now She's in Solid Vox belonging to Lantis.
Featuring: r.o.r/s
Radio/TV Show: Had a Radio Program called Chihiro's SMILE GO HAPPY and a Web TV called Yonekura King.

Name: Masami Okui
Nickname: Makkun
Birthday: March 13, 1968
Birthplace: Hyougo Prefecture in Itami City
Blood Type: A
Profession: Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Artist, TV and Radio Host.
Record Label: King Records in the subdivision Starchild, Lantis, Parome and now Evolution.
Featurings: JAM Project, r.o.r/s & Summer of Love
TV Shows: Conducing Anisama Hime Talk
Articles: She had a column in Newtype Magazine.

these ladies are now giving r.o.r/s some long rest from the music industry and hopefully, maybe someday they'll make a comeback and hit the world with yet another powerful tune. below is the "tattoo kiss" videos for your listening pleasure. enjoy...


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