Saturday, February 11, 2012

this is one scandal that i really want to be involved with!!

seriously..! as what the title says, these four are the most welcomed scandal in my life hahahahhaha. these girls are about to make waves again in the music industry. i am looking forward to this album. one new single included among the rest of   familiar tunes. just look at the fashion! they all look very impressive with customized kimonos and boots! nonetheless, they still look damn pretty to me (want want want and want!). these info below were taken from (thank you):
Pop rock band SCANDAL have announced that they’ll be holding a listening party for their first best-of album, “SCANDAL SHOW“, in Osaka and Tokyo. Scheduled for a March 7th release, “SCANDAL SHOW” will consist of tracks ranging from their major debut single, “DOLL“, to upcoming single “HARUKAZE“. (Check out the track list for the upcoming album in our previous post here.) SCANDAL will invite 100 pairs (total: 200 people) amongst “Utatomo” members (au “LISMO” SNS service) to each party. The listening party in Osaka will be held on February 29th, and the Tokyo event will be on March 5th. The girls also revealed the cover jackets for the upcoming album, which sees them wearing punk-influenced Kimonos.
whatever they wear, i’ll say – you girls look awesome! very! hahahahha. from left tomomi (bass), haruna (vox/guitar), rina (drum) and mami (guitar).
a bunch of scandal’s pictures from their short skirt appearances and to the latest blazing kimonos – like them all. here’s the official website : . visit the link and get yourself involved into some delicious scandals of your life!


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