Tuesday, September 25, 2012

editorial : it's getting worse!!

just when i thought the flickering syndrome  won’t get any worse than before, then i realized that it flickered like hell. not that i’ve experienced hell, it’s a metaphor that i over-exaggerated. looking back to the first time.. it was good when things we stable.  please stop the crazy flickering! i beg you – my laptop screen! don’t run out on me!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

berita mingguan 19

it has been very long while since my last berita mingguan updates. i guess i've explained it in my last entry. but i'm back again. nothing much really to tell. well you see, i'm not that busy person. but i'll try to come up with stories to sum up my little piece of life. keep on reading yeah? atta boy/girl ^^

Thursday, September 6, 2012

editorial : 06.09.12 thursday

it was a lovely evening. the sky was blue. the sky was clear blue. the air was cool. the wind was blowing gently. the slightest hint of cold breeze can be felt running gently in the air. clouds were stretched out and they have all lost their usual form - might be the wind. it was a lovely drive in the late evening. it was lovely indeed. heavy rain the last two days have washed away the lazy hazy days. clear blue sky.

i have been shying away from blogging of late. i have pictures and stories to show and tell, but i could not find myself the room to transfer these materials into this blog. for the past months have been very beautiful for me. i have lost track of time. i have found the feelings that i have long forgotten. these past few weeks have also been excruciating for me. i was flooded with thoughts and more thoughts. constantly thinking and mulling over things. trying to decide and make decisions. trying not to hurt and be hurt. trying to find the real meaning of truth. i've read this somewhere in the internet from a friend : better to hurt with the truth, but never try to comfort with lies. truthfully (and this may not be the real truth..hehehe), truth and lies are like double-edged sword. either way they hurt. it's only the matter how the truth and lies are handled and how brave/coward you are in handling those two aspects in this little branches of  life. no matter how, you can always expect to be wounded ^^, 

but life is not about getting wounded and wounding others. life is bittersweet. it's bitter but yet very sweet. for the words' worth, i end this entry with - oh life, please treat me good! ^^,

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