Sunday, September 9, 2012

berita mingguan 19

it has been very long while since my last berita mingguan updates. i guess i've explained it in my last entry. but i'm back again. nothing much really to tell. well you see, i'm not that busy person. but i'll try to come up with stories to sum up my little piece of life. keep on reading yeah? atta boy/girl ^^

the very usual, me and my trusted little red car will head out to anywhere we wanna go (all depends on my wallet contents though ^^). it seems that i could not resist taking pics whenever i am driving with the sky pretty in blue. the road was kinda less crowded – that makes me even happier! lalalalaaaaa…
one utama from the outside. i like one utama for so many reasons. it’s a one-stop place for many things. you can do almost everything here. it’s a small city really. anyway, the clouds are pretty aren’t they?
didn’t take many pics when i was there (one utama). same old.. same old. i went there to do some killing – killing my time that is. however, i’ve passed this wall many times but have never bothered to take pic of it. but somehow, this time, it’s like – “awwww.. what the hell, just take a pic already”. handprints and some words from the kids. some can really draw. cute ^^.
had to climb a few meters up a small hill to take this pic. the sun was setting down the horizon. went here with my camera buddies. we were hoping to get a clearer pic of sunset. but it was hazy during the week, so the result was not that good. hope to get a better result next time..
but when the sun was off the horizon, the sky turned into another setting. i like it more like this. the clouds were highlighted by the small hint of sunset rays in the background. splendid.
here’s one of my buddies – zeri, in action. though it was hazy, we managed to get quite a few decent shots.
went to a sunday market which was held at bukit bandaraya bangsar. mostly selling women’s apparel. but there were some food on sale as well – like this one (the closest table in this pic)
the sandwich looks good. i was tempted and eventually bought it. it was considerably delicious.
this cookie has its own name. i could not remember the name. i regret of not being able to keep up with cookies terms. all i know is that this kind of thing is called none other than “cookies” ^^. as pretty as they look, they taste sweet and yummy! got to taste two of these. yeay!
the community center has playground just outside. some kids went to play with their dads while their mommies went for shopping. convenient!
this thing in the playground.. i don’t really know what it is called in english and i don’t bother to find the english word for it for the time being ^^. however, if i could recall (and i may be wrong), it’s a see-saw? hope i got it right. additionally, do you see a pair of legs in this pic? those are not a play-thing at the playground (it’s the playground spirit heheheh).
one of the thing that i like is the ferris wheel. i love it even more at night. i love to ride in it. even if i could not ride in it, the very sight of it is enough to satisfy me. staring at it slowly rotating for hours.. so peaceful.
went to publika – one of the latest attraction in town. the parking lot is brightly lit and clean.
the inside of publika. i just love how the natural light is allowed into the inside of the building by installing the glass roof. it makes the place look wider and bigger.
there’s a bench in publika dedicated for people to write. most of the messages/writings are about the earth – eco friendly, keep the world green, etc. the message is good but hope that those hands really mean what they write. as for me, i’m trying hard to go green. but still at some areas, i am still far from achieving it. i want to make earth a better place to live. to preserve it. i’ll keep on improving myself ^^. btw, those feet are horrible.. ughhhh!!! hahahaa..
words of wisdom are on display on the floors at publika (just don’t mind those feet hehehe)..
during my visit to publika, there was a fest going on. if i’m not wrong it was “speed fest” or something like that. two wheels and four wheels with monstrous engines were on display. vrrooooommmm..!
ahhhh… even the fancy bikes were on display. there were lotsa design of bikes available. some have the harley-davidson-like handles. fancy! super fancy! however, publika went from millions of people to a ghost town by 5-6pm sunday evening. when the fest ended and the time was around 5-6pm, most of the shops closed and people suddenly vanished. i don’t know if it only happened during my time there, but it was damn weird and kinda scary~
on-the-road sign is another thing that fascinates me. this one mean “exit”. usually placed on the road where you can use to exit a parking lot/premise.
i like this one very much – it’s the bike lane. do you ride bicycle regularly? or do you have a foldable bike in your car trunk? i’d like to buy a foldable bike that i can bring in my car. it’s so that i can use the bike at any place i go (since i have it in my car trunk, i can practically go biking everywhere).
this one was taken at a night market place – uptown damansara. i just love the remarks on the shirt. this shirt is for toddlers/babies. just imagine how cute it is for a cute baby wearing it. and even more – try to imagine the baby’s mom.. wow! ^^
the night market practically sells everything. the place is always full of people. it’s a fun place to be. to see people and even to be seen. the place is colorful. as colorful as these caps.
this is a very interesting eating place introduced by a dear friend of mine. the drinks are super good! i can still taste it! (just to tell you just how memorable the taste is ^^). do you see the bear? cute right? then you should see the owner ^^
the bakemonogatari girls were posing with this box (there’s a cake in it! – it’s a secret hehehe).
taking a night stroll at the curve with raya decorations hanging around commemorating the upcoming hari raya. it was beautiful.


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