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comic fiesta 2011

welcome to the last entry of the year – it’s the comic fiesta 2011 (cf2011) review! wohoooo! this is the largest acg (anime-comic-game) gathering in malaysia. started way back in 2001, now cf is getting bigger and better. i’ve already mentioned some of the highlights in berita mingguan 13, and here is the rest of the parts.
here’s the entrance to the main area where the mainstage, booths and doujinshi areas are located.
day one ticket queuing line for on-the-spot ticket buyers. i already bought the ticket and been given a mock ticket which was exchanged to a two-days pass (mock ticket counter different line). there was some chaos later in the day when the numbers of visitors increased. the line for the on-the-spot ticket buyer went far back outside the convention centre. however, the organizer took some action and improved the condition in day two.
this is hall 4 dedicated for cosplaying and photographing sessions. it’s also where the ticket counter is.
booths selling stuff and merchandise.
care to fish for a free doujin?
dolfies! i dunno if there are many dolfies owners here in malaysia. but the number is increasing. any of you into dolfies?
doujinshi area. visitors pouring in filling the place…
a cute person is spotted!
“can’t touch this..” – mc hammer. how many of you know/remember who mc hammer is. “can’t touch this” was his famous three words..
i love this band performance – desu. yep..desu’s the name. they also write their own song and describe the genre as akiba-punk. they are talented and the lady-singer has a very beautiful voice. she could be a seiyu for all i know ^_^
this is marshmellow panic – kawaii! they resemble k-on! girls and went on playing fuwa-fuwa time. good performance nonetheless.  interesting bunch of girls and i think that the girl playing bass (mio-chan) is beautiful (and cute!) hehehe…
buttons everywhere…
this girl is deep in her thoughts…
cf2011 held a 100-days countdown to the event by having 100 artworks presented each day. during the event, all of them were bunched together like in this pic. they are all very very nice.
this fellow has a nice looking hat.
beelzebub stuff. i just love watching the anime. it’s funny and berubo is one cute baby..
bird’s eye view of the booths/online game area (managed to snap a few pics before being chased out by the officials – the place was reserved for reporters evidently..hehehe..sorry mr. officials).
just look at the sea of people!
just take another look! whoaaaa… ^_^
another lookie at the doujinshi area – artist at work.
angel with wings found at cf2011.
day two cf2011 queue. left – those who already have day two pass, right – on the spot purchase tickets. the line movement went well at day two ^_^
these were given like mad during the two days period. maybe they have zillions of these in stock..heh..
any of you into black rock shooter?
mister many faces has the luxury of looking at each corner of the site – many eyes, nothing being missed out.
doujinshi area – day two
see how crooked my pinkie got while holding on to these buttons? one of those button’s pin got into my flesh – joking..
lots of stage activites done with crowd participating end up with goodies. this one they have to dance to the tunes. the girl with the tudung won..hahah.
lolita on the stage. this one is cute. there were a bunch of them on the stage that day.
lolita number two. there were many of them and i’ll just show you two out of many..
cosplayers that got into the advance round. however, i didn’t know who won because the winner was announced very much later of day two. however, they are very brave to be on stage performing and their effort making the costume is very much respected.
nice message appeared on the screen ^_^
a row of gashapon waiting to be assaulted by the visitors.
final fantasy’s yuna looked beautiful in the background.
cosplayers in actions..many of them can be spotted in hall 4 and hall 5..even outside the convention centre.
isn’t she beautiful? the dress is magnificent! marvelous.
it is during cf2011 that death gets photo request from the living. during other time..ehmmmm..
cosplayers outside the hall.
blood+ (blood plus) cosplayer with unforgiving sword.
i dunno which character this is, but my camera automatically snapped this one.
another one (out of many many and many) cosplayer spotted outside of the hall…
another unknown character. but the lady is beautiful in the dress..
lady in red…
group pic time…
name the character time…’s black rock shooter!
name the character.. i kinda forget..
group pic time #2…
mio-chan (k-on!). cute…
lovely ladies with a caution mark behind them…
cosplaying k-on! girls : ric-chan, mio-chan and yui-chan. that mio girl is cutelah… where is mugi-chan? and azunyan?
cosplaying final fantasy characters. that girl cosplaying yuna is a definite cutie. what’s more – she’s also beautiful! yowzzzzz!!
caution : cuties posing for cameras.
grrrr…i’ll kick your ass without any regrets! hiyahhhh!
the main character from darker than black.
some innocent characters got killed during that day. what a fate…
name the character…
nice dress and nice pose.

sea of red on the floor. nice dress and nice pose. i like it.
the right one is kawaii desu! \(*_^)/
there was even a human size fox among the crowd. nice…anyways, this one is definitely not a cat. right?
the view in hall 4 where cosplayers and visitors mingle.

cerita lain (他の物語)

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