Friday, December 30, 2011

renai circulation!

greetings people..! welcome to the yet another video-of-my-choice session again..hahaha. should i put the description like that? uhmmm.. ok, not really but it is really one exciting video that i’d like to share with all of you. i’ve watched one anime series called bakemonogatari and there was a song that really captured my attention titled renai circulation.
it seems that there are lots and lots and lots of people around the world been dancing to the tunes. check out in youtubes and you’ll know what i mean. anyways, this video is kawaii desu and this girl is also cute. i enjoy watching the video, the girl, the song, the dance moves, the guy who walked his dog in the background as well as the auntie who jog/run in the video background (she even dance in the video – watched sometimes at the end of the video). japanese has the tendency to make things in the cutest manner and it is no surprise that the whole video is cute. in anime business, cuteness is one of the pillars that i find very appealing. the song sung by kana hanazawa who is also the voice actess/seiyu for the anime itself. such a cute voice she has. cute, cute, cute.

well3x.. bakemonogatari, even though it includes some degree of cuteness into the anime, it also incorporate the element of tsunderetsundere is a person character that is cold/hostile but will gradually show their warm side over time. hitagi senjougahara is the female character in bakemonogatari (she’s the the one at far left – pointing her slender finger at you). she’s a tsundere and very beautiful and attractive hehehe. another tsundere character is hilda from anime beelzebub. she’s the nanny for baby beelze/berubo (nick name) in the human world. hilda is a demon with a goth-lolita image and also beautiful and attractive. the third one is the sexy maya kumashiro from the anime seikimatsu occult academy. she’s the principal of the academy replacing her deceased father. she always wear her sexy white outfit – like it a lot (been trying to find if there’s any perfect people out there cosplaying her character). the last one is the cute kagami hiitari from the anime lucky star. this is one hillarious anime i’ve watched and all characters are the cutest ever! kagami has a twin sister who is the opposite of her character. anyways, kagami is a bright and intelligent! (just fyi). there are more and more and more tsunderecharacters i’d love to talk about but maybe i’ll talk abouth them next time. ah..i must mention minami shimada (baka to test) as well. another tsundere character that i love watching. but no pic here. find it on the web okay. very well..that’s all folks. enjoy the video and the info as well. happy new year 2012!


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