Sunday, April 29, 2012

quotes : se7en

"gentlemen..gentlemen..! i never understand. all these books. a world of knowledge at your fingertips. what do you do? you play poker all night.."
the best scene in se7en perhaps the one in the library. the best quotes may as well be as the above, when somerset arrived at the library seeing the guards playing poker on their night watch. hahahah.. books are not the utmost indulgence for all people but his words are somehow true and powerful. overall se7en is one of the best thriller movie all time. a very intriguing story. the ending is a very good one i may say. nonetheless, i like the library scene in which the bach’s air on the g string plays on as the background music. the solemn atmosphere being among the books in the empty library is something rather cool.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

berita mingguan 17

i was a few lucky ones to be able to watch the malaysian gp in march 2012 – and not to mention the extra hospitality that comes along with the ticket. thank you to someone! thank you. this is by far the most exclusive ticket i’ve ever got! domo arigatou! and yeah, this lady was searching for vettel or webber by the way… they were still in the garage (sad)…

Monday, April 2, 2012

editorial : i love erika toda!!!

i like and love erika toda!! \(^o^)/ she’s beautiful and super cute! i have meant to get this drama series into berita mingguan slot but i didn’t seem to be able doing that. but… better still, keizoku 2 : spec gets an exclusive review under editorial section! how about that? heheheh. erika toda and ryo kase both are the police detectives in a special division handling unsolved cases. erika is a woman with high IQ level able to read situations and make conclusions of any cases by writing each important points on pieces of paper, rip the apart and throw them into the air – or so like that. you’ll have to watch it to know what i mean. anyhow, erika is sooo cute in this drama series and super funny as well. she has a strange personality, likes to eat a lot, limited fashion sense, wears a sling (you’ll know why once the drama develops) and always carry big red trolley bag around. her partner is a serious man who always hit her. hahaha. that one part is like anime though. if you are into dramas involving special abilities people, then this is one good drama to watch. i love it very much and i suppose you'll like it too. the whole drama is a blend of many situation but humorous nonetheless. the chief of the unit is funny old guy as well. hahhaha. nonetheless, i'm not sure about any release of special episode but the movie release is in april 2012. will keep an eye for that one! below are videos from youtube - the first, second and third ones are some scenes from the drama (the first one shows the beautiful erika..hmmm.. and the BGM of the second vid is the theme song for the drama) and the fourth one is the 2012 movie trailer.

horrorscope : tuesday 03.03.2012

when you entered the month of april, you’ll be mysteriously ‘fooled’ by it. you’ll wake up in the early rainy morning, start your car as usual and go to work as you usually do. only that you discover a flat tyre once you drive further. nevermind. don’t change the flat tyre in the pouring rain. take a half-day break and go back to sleep. worry about the tyre later in the morning. now go back to sleep first. you’ll also find that you’ll deviate from your ordinary habit (the good ones). this is one precaution to you. better get back into your old habit (i mean the good ones!). anyhow, april is just another month same as the rest of months in a year. only that people make a fool out of themselves during the beginning of that month. these two incidents are not related whatsoever to the foolishness the month is falsely accused of. and.. yeah.. you’ll get a call with an offer you can’t refuse (or maybe you can still refuse but you may have to think more than twice since it is a good deal). in two years or less you’ll have a new view.. of life. just hang on!

cerita lain (他の物語)

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