Monday, April 2, 2012

horrorscope : tuesday 03.03.2012

when you entered the month of april, you’ll be mysteriously ‘fooled’ by it. you’ll wake up in the early rainy morning, start your car as usual and go to work as you usually do. only that you discover a flat tyre once you drive further. nevermind. don’t change the flat tyre in the pouring rain. take a half-day break and go back to sleep. worry about the tyre later in the morning. now go back to sleep first. you’ll also find that you’ll deviate from your ordinary habit (the good ones). this is one precaution to you. better get back into your old habit (i mean the good ones!). anyhow, april is just another month same as the rest of months in a year. only that people make a fool out of themselves during the beginning of that month. these two incidents are not related whatsoever to the foolishness the month is falsely accused of. and.. yeah.. you’ll get a call with an offer you can’t refuse (or maybe you can still refuse but you may have to think more than twice since it is a good deal). in two years or less you’ll have a new view.. of life. just hang on!


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