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berita mingguan 16

been many weeks since my last updates (apart from TMR MV review).. surely this means i don’t get out much last time and i did not have much to update either. been spending times indoor of late. however, i’ll try to update a bit of what i did last time. well..well.. what is this? a  cute nendo with a gundam? hah..yuki nagato & wing gundam zero would like to have a pic together. why not? ^_^
visiting ikea to buy some storage shelf and lighting. since it was early in the morning, not many cars around (yet). 
i did mention about going to evanescence gig right? well, this is the only picture to commemorate the day. sad huh? yes..very. however, amy and the rest of the band were superb. powerful performance that left me wanting to stay inside hours after the gig ends (but was eventually forced to leave – hahahha). 
went for the animax x astro event “animax carnival 2012″. here’s the line to enter the venue. kind of a small event but okay nonetheless. alodia (the gorgeous cosplayer) was there! whoaaaaaa…
was given a balloon and held on to it during the whole time at the event. but gave it away to a kid when i left the event. the kid was somehow dumbfounded when i gave her the balloon. “what the hell man?” – might the words what she had in mind. hahahah.
it was a small scale event occupying the center oval area of 1 utama new wing. but there were many cosplayers attending the event.
these two were seen at the last cf2011. mr. death can only mingle with the living during these kind of event. apart from these kind of events, people won’t come near him..or even bat an eye. hehehe..
love berubo so much. he’s the baby from the anime beelzebub. saw the season 1 and it was fantastic and funny. can’t wait for season 2!!
once inside, i was given a game card. it allows you to play 6 games and each game can be played only once. the result : failed all and some could not even be played because the queue was too long (and not organized).
alodia made an appearance and all camera pointed at her. i couldn’t get to the front and i only brought my 17-50mm lens. from that distance, alodia was just a small figure (at 50mm!). argggghhh…! should have brought the 18-200mm. anyways, alodia cosplaying yui hirasawa from the anime k-on!. kawaii…
the patrons and the event signage.
a stormtrooper attending the event and went for shopping at jusco afterwards.
the view from above. a cosplaying contest was running on the main stage.
one of the cosplaying contest judges was alodia. couldn’t have a close pic of her. so many people to beat and kick out just in the process of getting near her. hehehehe…
my first kabuki experience. this one entitle : the blind masseur and the thief. it was an interesting presentation. it started with the make-up demonstration. how the actors put on the make-up by themselves. impressive. secondly, as in the pic, how the costume is put on. the price of the costume itself like a gazillion yen! you ruin it, you'll have to file for bankruptcy. hehehe… and then, a traditional dance performance before the main even started. quite unfortunate no recordings (camera/video) allowed during kabuki. it was funny and the actors were really good using the stage and props. the story was overall rated as funny. a good experience for me.
having a spicy tom-yam noodle while hanging out with my camera buddies.
the place was kinda deserted. not many people eating out that night maybe. however, i like having my dinner at a less crowded place. how about you?
i can never resist uniqlo stuff. hahahaha.
got hold of this fullmetal alchemist booklet during animax carnival 2012. it contains the story board of the upcoming fullmetal alchemist series. fullmetal alchemist : brotherhood was the best so my opinion. there are pages and pages of illustrations as well in this booklet. the illustrations are very very nice indeed. and..yes..yuki managed to slip inside the photo without my permission..hehehe. 
seiyu (voice actors/actresses) for the upcoming series. edward and al are both using female seiyu – romi park and rie kugimiya.
liza hawkeye will be using fumiko orikasa voice. i like liza hawkeye character. she’s the best when it comes to rifle. woman with rifle is very2 interesting indeed ^_^
liza hawkeye posed for the camera
full body picture of liza hawkeye. she’s always looking to her left side..i dunno what she’s looking at hahahhaha. nonetheless, i like this figure very much!
byakuyakou was on my watch list. a very moving drama with many emotions. it was also a thriller revolving around the life of two people – ryo & yuki. be ready to explore your inner senses when watching this drama. with nice bgm (back ground music), this drama is complete. ryo’s monologue to yuki is very beautiful. ah..there i go again. i’m getting all mellow right now. hahahha. a good one to watch. this is my osusume (recommendation) to you. originally a good osusume from my friend. 
next is kuitan (season 1). this is about a food detective that solves crimes through eating! he likes to eat and he has this special talent recognizing foods. this is a funny drama. the cast are all inter-connected to each other. though it’s a funny drama, there are moments where you’ll have to undergo deep human emotions as well. that’s what i like about j-drama. it has everything!
nichijou is a very2 funny anime! love it very much! just look at the characters..they are all very cute and funny looking as well. the art/illustrations are very impressive and beautiful. nichijou deals about people’s ordinary life while in between, there are short sections on thoughts, on relationship, on daily object we encounter/use and even short love stories. this is one good anime. even though it’s just an anime, but i am very impressed with how all the life elements were able to be told smoothly. japan’s anime is the best! recommended. 
okuribito is a beautiful movie talking about life, death and all that in between. it also contains a bit of humor which makes the movie colorful with uplifted emotion. the japan countryside is so beautiful – it appears so in this movie. the house where the main characters daigo & mika lives is also very cosy. nice bgm as well. recommended. 
suna no utsuwa – a beautiful drama heavy with emotions. the last two episodes are the sad ones in which the main character’s previous life & experience is revealed. the bgm is very2 nice. it blends with the drama very well. the music itself – entitled shukumei (destiny) – so powerful that the sound of every note would be able to translate the mood and the story. this is a heavy drama and i don’t regret exploring the other side of j-drama/movies since i used to watch the light category drama so far. this one grips you deep inside. as a man, i don’t end up crying but as a human with feelings and emotions, this drama did send chill down my spine. byakuyakou also has the same elements of suna no utsuwa. recommended.
hahahaa.. i laughed even before writing about the movie. the magic hours is a comedy presented in a unique manner. a story about how a guy used an actor to get himself out of trouble with the town’s bad guy. the actor did not know that he’s being used and as being an actor who desired to play the ultimate character given by the guy, he played the part rather seriously. with some luck, things go into places before the actor found out he was being used. but that’s not all of it. the movie is an entertaining one combining the elements of love, friendship and of course, any emotions in between. also recommended.


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