Saturday, July 20, 2013

destinasi : awesome japan 7

Hello folks.. welcome to the 7th edition of the japan travelogue and here’s tokyo tower taken at night. this is the usual lighting used for tokyo tower. but the lighting changes in according to festive season or even, any special occasions.
in actual i took this photo after persuading my friend to drive by this magnificent tower – so my friend unwillingly had to deviate from the original route as to fulfill my request. it was a short stop just enough for me to snap a few pictures ^^
Back on the road and it started to rain. passed by the rainbow bridge and we were heading for odaiba. odaiba is one nice place to visit and you can find a life-size gundam there. totally cool! (but i did not manage to go to diver city to capture the ultra cool gundam) >.<
Here we are.. at aqua city. a building that contains many many shops and eateries. my friend was on scheduled to meet a japanese friend for a drink. and we tagged along as well. hehe…
Here at one corridor of aqua city where people can have a great view of rainbow bridge. lots of restaurants and cafes overlooking this view. most of them are pricey but i guess the view is something to pay for ^^
The tenants of aqua city. maybe most of them are made up from selling eating stuff and also drinks..
We met the japanese friend here and we had drinks and some fruit stuff. the ambiance is so relaxing and romantic that we regretted for not asking a girl to accompany each one of us.. hehe
The next day we filled up the tank for yet another trip.. just be ready..
I don’t know why i post yet another picture of the petrol pump bay…
Along the way, it rained as well. this is quite early in the morning around 6am ++
Japanese housing area. these houses are placed so close among them that when you shout, you’ll be shouted back (hey! shut up will you!!?) by numerous of houses’ tenants – just maybe, not really a fact ^^
The quality of road is impeccable and smooth. Nice to drive on.
Passing a bridge seeing the embankments that can be found almost everywhere in tokyo and japan. but the embankment cannot be seen clearly here since it is obstructed by the metal fences.
Tokyo is swallowed by the heavy mist. you should be able to make out the sky tree here.. but nope.. ain’t seeing any trace of the sky tree here.. nope.. nope..
Aha..! there it is. the sky tree looked like it reaches the clouds in the sky. the truth is, tokyo was under heavy mist blanketing almost the entire city..
Arriving at chiba. traffic picking up on this expressway. the number of vehicles suddenly increasing.
Okay.. we have arrived at the destination – tokyo disneysea. it is situated nearby tokyo disneyland. we chose to explore disneysea after discussing for about 10 seconds ^^
There were already quite a lot of people arrived and my friend said that they arrived at 6am! waiting at the carpark to secure the nearest parking bays. the ticket worth 6,200 yen (and it was really worth it!). you’ll need a map to plan your day since the place is huuuge. look.. there’s the lady duck talking to the kid.. daisie duck?
At first i was a bit frustrated with the weather. but once i step into the main gate, the blue sky started to show up bit by bit. lucky!!
Themed towns dotting the disneysea encompassing european towns, middle east towns, etc.. etc.. apart from disney’s themed parks – from disney’s products such like aladdin, 2000 leagues under the sea, little mermaids, ec.. etc..
Italy? is this italy? Spain? Portugal? you can be anywhere part of the world here at disneysea.
Fancy for disney’s characters to adorn your head? stitch and big bad wolf among others here.. and oh.. the iconic mickey and minnie the mouse.
I must have been on the wrong flight.. i ended up boarding a flight to italy.. not japan (do you get what i mean? – hope you do.. hahaha)
Getting on board the boat ride that connect one place to another if you don’t want to walk. on this boat ride you will be able to see the american town as well. we got off at the red indians’- themed park on this boat ride.
The american town that i said earlier. the harbour town or the sea side town whatever you want to call it ^^
Ah.. this is a small lighthouse that i passed by on the boat ride. far at the back is the castle that i’ll brief about later in the post.. hehe
The visitors number started to increase by each minute. queues started to become long and we decided to get a ticket here at the sort-of-indiana jones’ roller coaster ride.
Just like what indiana jones would encounter in search of long lost treasure – only that here they erected the fence so that kids (or adults) would not try to emulate being indiana jones themselves ^^
We decided to ride the roller coaster at 3.25-4.25pm window, so we booked a ticket at the auto ticket machine just outside the ride entrance. you can queue for the ride or you could plan by booking this kind of ticket – the choice is yours. in the same time we walked to the next attraction and try to decide that we should queue if the queue has a considerable queue waiting time or we may book another one. well.. let’s see.
Sinbad’s boat ride (situated at the middle east-themed town) seemed to have a considerable waiting time. so we decided to become a child and we wanted to get to know sinbad a little more. i just wonder how can he have such a negative combination of two words? – sin and bad? that is like double negativity.. hmmm…
A quick look to the right before entering sinbad’s boat ride. yikesss! too many kids.. have to compete in line with them! hahahah
Inside the boat in which the whole sinbad stories will unfold. the whole presentation is nice and even for an adult like me, i found it entertaining. alrighty, this is the bad guy i guess. bad guys always have this bad and ugly looks. for kids, it is easier to understand that good=people with good looks and bad=people with bad looks. only that when they they become older will the reality sets in and they will come to understand that sometimes people with good looks and sharp suits or decent naive looks can be a devil in disguise. reality bites ^^
Still walking inside the middle east town. it looked like not a busy line of road in this picture..
..But in actual, people has started to roam around that line of road searching for anything their heart’s desired.
We took a breather and relax for a while here.
Welcome to the ‘under the sea’. no oxygen needed. we watched a 30 min (approx) little mermaid’s show since the waiting time was rather short.. heh.. being a kid again hahaha..
20,000 leagues under the sea. we queued here since it looked like a nice ride. but when our turn to ride came, a technical problem occured and the ride was stopped. good thing that they offered all the queuing people one free express ticket right on the spot (thanks for the consideration). there was also one scary thing happened. a young man collapsed just one minute after the announcement of the ride’s cancellation. it was kind of horrible as he was standing about two meters from me. his girlfriend was shocked to see him collapsed all of a sudden. somehow, he came back to normal in a while without any blood coming out his head. thank goodness.
This is the free express ticket that allows you to skip queues at any of the parks’ ride. thank you.
This is how the express ticket (they call it fast pass) can be obtained. at each attractions, you can decide to queue or plan at some future time. but, there is a system. this express tickets cannot be obtained at any time. you must wait for a determined period of time to get an express ticket before you can get the next. your main ticket is the way how these machines determine whether you can get the next express ticket.
My main ticket and two express tickets obtained. i’ll have to wait for some time before i can get the next one (the next express ticket time is printed on the lower side of the express ticket)
We took another breather and relax at this ‘temporarily closed’ attraction. i wonder what is in that building..
The late evening sky and we queued for this next attraction. it is some sort of high tech aircraft travelling with good 3D images and even physical surprises – water sprinkled just above of everybody’s seats. thank goodness the volume of water is minimal. if not, i would be soaking wet ^^
Great looking sky. getting to deep color in the matter of minutes.
We took the train ride to our next attraction. we have been walking all day and we want to take a ride.
Great looking sky! the sun has already gone down the horizon. leaving a hint of lights on the late evening sky (the time was nearing 6pm hehehe)
Yey! the train has arrived!
Inside the train. classic..
We boarded off the train into the american town and there’s the ship – huge one.
This was our last attraction of the day – tower of terror. the name suits the experience i gained from being inside the building. the best thing is that there was a story build-up session before getting on the ride. i could guess what the ride was but somehow they managed to surprise me in the end. hahahaha..
Sorry kid. the truck ain’t gonna start because it has run out of gas.. (maybe he was trying to search for his family)
Canal like in venice. disneysea at night is amazing!
People started to book their seat for the fireworks session (starts at 9pm). but we had to get to somewhere else *sigh*… a part of me wanted to stay here and maybe.. just maybe.. wanted to work here ^^
Back to the main entrance to bid farewell. it has been a nice day..
We have been invited over to my friend’s japanese colleague house. The one that we had drinks with at aqua city. she treated us for some sushi. yummy!
Then some of these that i could not remember. Yummy part 2!
Some octopus which will be used for takoyaki. yep.. we even had the chance to cook takoyaki (octopus balls). in actual, we ended up using more than this since takoyaki taste soooo good hehe. yummy part 3!
And not forgetting this dish (which i could not remember its name as well. can you name it for me? or have you ever had it before? anyway, this is yummy part 4! okay. this time i end up with this dishes we had at kaneko-san’s house. she had been a very generous host i would say. thanks for the hospitality. until the next post. byeeee…


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