Saturday, July 9, 2011

cemerpen : storyteller

She tried to hold her tears from rolling down her cheek. She was scared that her mascara would ruin her perfectly reddish cheek. She had prepared the new look of herself by putting on some colors on her face. She previously said that she wanted to change her name. She even mentioned that she wanted to move to Austrarica. She liked it there because she could hear the snow, trees and birds sing. She eventually changed her name to “symphony” – relating to the sweet symphony the nature makes. But things have always been looked and told miles away from reality. When she reached there, the place was like a ghost town. There were tractors, snow rakes, vending machines, restaurants and all the things she imagined before...but just no people. After all, it was true that things over there could really sing since it was absence and devoid of a single human soul. She set herself being the storyteller and she gets to be one.


cerita lain (他の物語)

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