Saturday, February 4, 2012

berita mingguan 15

there are times where food stuff reached my office – through the bosses, colleagues and even visiting japanese counterparts. i dunno who gave this but there were boxes opened near my desk (and some other desks as well). this wasn’t the first, so i don’t get suspicious thinking that it might be a plot to get me killed by poisonous foodstuff hahahaaaa…
purchased this 8gb thumb drive for no apparent reason. i may have purchased it due to it was kinda cheap. the value for 8gb memory size has dropped tremendously in post 2005 era. and… maybe the size attracted me to buy it. tsukihi and yuki are bigger in size comparison..
my work desk is where i spent most of my times. this is the layout that i have now. no new stuff added for the time being. only re-arranging things around…
the living room gets some re-arranging treatment – and added a back light behind the tv cabinet. lately, i like to lounge and chill around the living room. here, i managed to catch the last episode of fullmetal alchemist brotherhood.  during the ending credit, they show pics of those related characters in the anime – concluding the future of those characters. apart from edward and alphonse went separate way to the west and east to learn alkahestry and stuff, edward married winry (long time friends) and have kids! a nice ending indeed.
enjoying the girls from scandal  - four piece all girls band. i like to listen to them as they are talented and not to mention super cute in short skirt! \(^o^)/
want all four of them! want! want! want! hehehehhehe…. anyways, below is the vid from the above pic (didn’t find the same version as what i saw on animax. this one kept on moving around rotating – it’s damn challenging for the eyes! heheheh)
okay… i’m still not satisfied. i’ll add another scandal  video for you. this one is the live version. the first one is also the ending track for fullmetal alchemist brotherhood and the second one is the same as the above video…
okay… i’ve decided to add one more. this one is the last. i can’t keep on  inserting vids from scandal  all the way to the end of this entry right? (even though i could do that heheheh). have a lookie for this one – this one edited by one of the youtoubers by including scandal‘s music videos – nice (song : scandal baby).
so..i lied about that was the last one. THIS ONE IS THE LAST ONE…heheheheh..
phewww…there you go! scandal . that’s the best scandal you can have in your life. hahahaha. okays, back to malaysia – this one taken during my drive back to hometown during chinese new year break. using the federal road instead of the north-south highway. the highway tends to be congested during any of malaysia’s long holiday break.
beware of these police watch tower – speeding or overtaking (no overtaking on double line as you can see on the road in this pic) will get you ticket – not the ticket to watch your favorite band in a concert by the way (^_^)
the rural road after the light rain. the sky is pretty in blue and a gathering grey clouds on the right means that somewhere many many kilometers away, there are some place having a wet day. this road is flanked by miles and miles of paddy fields.
red lanterns hanging out from my neighbor’s porch. chinese new year moods still lingers for weeks…
out and about in the bukit bintang area. let’s have another tour of this place. shall we?
the new police building just nearby bukit bintang area. this pic taken from the parking lot – flat rate one day RM6.
the alleyway – the right building is plaza low yat and the left one is plaza sungei wang. that one standing structure at the far end is kl tower. blue sky in malaysia means – very hot! hehehhehe. but it’s nice to have clear blue sky once a while.
stopping by at wendy’s for a bite.
at berjaya times square. the floor below is not the ground floor. there are 2 floors down below which is the main area. this part is further back of the building.
the main entrance into berjaya times square – where the 2 main floors located. this pic is taken on 3rd floor if i’m not mistaken..
i have always into foosball. as a matter of fact, me, my brothers and my brothers in laws like to play foosball. we make up teams and whoever loses – they will have to crow like a rooster (no, it’s a lie hehehehhe). i wanted to buy one of these and i like the left one. but the price is rm4k+ – yikes!!!
the chinese new year decorations at lot 10. located not very far away from berjaya times square. lot 10 is not my type of place and i’ve always feel out of place whenever i’m here – maybe it’s tailored for upper class patrons.
there’s a national geographic signature store in lot 10. i did not enter and i took this pic just because that i read national geographic magazines (and no, i did not purchase them. they all belong to my dad – he’s a collector). i like reading about culture and places that are featured in the magazines.
this is the back section of fahrenheit 88 – situated within the walking distance next to lot 10. there are many shops here and i’ll tell you which one is my favorite in the next pic.
tadaaaa! yep.. uniqlo is my most favorite store of all in fahrenheit 88. i am now in saving mode so what i did here was just looking around. just looking around… (T_T)
the pavilion crossing on a hot sunny day. the bears are still there. yeay!!!!
the pavilion is the next one after fahrenheit 88. just cross the road and you’ll be at the pavilion in no time. this is the main area in the pavilion and people just walking around and some just sit on the stairs. oh yes, at the top of this pic is the dragon’s head. a massive one.
here’s the full size of the dragon. what a mess it could make if it were to come alive..heheheheh. hope not!
tokyo street is located at the upper most level at the pavilion. lines of japan origins & japan themed stores/restaurants inside the street..
one of the streets…
another line of the street…
this big lantern greets you if you take the escalator from the below floor right into the middle of the tokyo street.
daiso at the end of the street. there are also restaurants and stalls selling food. come on over and see for yourself.
want to have this in my house!
want to have this also in my house!!!
that’s the end of bukit bintang brief tour folks. breakfast at kfc in the morning.
i wonder how many kids have managed to extort their parents into buying these while at kfc. if i ask my parents whether i was also once a kid who extort his parents for buying this kind of stuff, they might answer “yes” even before i finish asking the question..  Y(^_^)Y
at the service centre for my beloved ride treatment. the odometer reads 142525 kilometer. for the car aged almost 6 years, this is quite low mileage. maybe it’s because my home to office daily commute is around 16km (8km one way). i am thankful to have found a job near my house. petrol price is getting higher these days and it will get higher in the future. what’s the odometer of your car reads now?
while others whipped out their fancy laptops, ipad, iphone, iwhatnot… i whipped out my trusted ol’ psp for killing the time waiting the car to finish from service. here, i was watching the metallica in concert in france. james hetfield voice is as strong as ever eventhough he is kinda old now. love metallica so much.
parking area at tropicana city mall, damansara jaya. went there for a secret mission..
target confirmed : get ammunition ready. stick to the plan and get out once object acquired.
wooohohoooo… ammunition spent (cash), object acquired (the ticket) and no fatalities! evanescence is coming to town and i don’t want to miss it. i’ve listened to evanescence mainly to amy lee’s angelic voice and her perfect collaboration with co-founder ben moody. both of them make a good partnership producing good songs. it was when ben left the band that i started to hear less of evanescence but amy has always managed to make me listening to evanescence up until now. though there’s no ben, amy & the rest of evanescence is still fine.
doing some walk-around in the tropicana city mall. there’s this store called japan home centre.
one part of the mall (this pic is out of focus. sorry).
i am not a busy man but sometimes i find myself  having a light snack while out on the move. this donut is good by the way.
in kl at night. i love using this particular road as the view is magnificent.


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