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destinasi : awesome japan 3

wassup folks!? welcome to the third edition of my journey to japan. sorry for being too slow on the updates. i feel that the pics are getting older and older each week and there are loads of pics to go. hmm.. this calls for a solution. gotta be more selective of the pics. is it okay for you if i post all pics but takes way lots of time or should i post less and finish with the updates soonest? i dunno. i’m pinched here. i’d like to post all of the pics, but i’ll think of a way.

so, let’s roll with yet another akihabara pic that i took while crossing the street. hope you are not tired with akihabara pics.. i got quite loads of them to show hehehe..
folks on the sidewalks of akihabara. walking around is fun since the weather is good. and i get to exercise. good..
sofmap building. sofmap is a well known company. here’s a bit of what sofmap is from mr. wiki : Sofmap Co., Ltd. (ソフマップ, Sofumappu) (TYO: 2690) is a Japanese retailer which sells both new and used electronics. It is a subsidiary of Bic Camera.
gundam cafe and akb48 cafe side by side in akihabara. which one do you fancy? ^^
bicycle is a popular mode of transportation in japan. i did stress that before this and you’ll see lots and lots of pics people riding bicycles, bicycles and bicyclessss.. ^^
i just love hanging out here. as a matter of fact, a lot of folks do hang around with food in hands or for the sake of people watching. well, watching japanese people is a very fun thing to do. they got styles and most of the ladies are かわいい.. ^^
the akihabara station – from the other side. this is the second entrance/exit i was talking about previously.
great view of the sky. this part of the station entrance/exit is a bit shaded and dark since it’s surrounded by tall buildings.
here, i was waiting for the train at akihabara station. as more and more  folks turning up, they formed lines for them to embark into the trains and also allowing people to easily disembarking at the same time. it’s not hard really. we may use excuses like : i’m in a super hurry or i want to get a seat!, thus we create disaster at the platforms while waiting for trains by rushing and pushing around. you see, those are not reasons, when chaos happen at the platform, it merely because we are one damn selfish jerk. that’s it. nothing more than that.
another lookie on how to form lines at train platforms. it’s sooo easy to wait for a train in tokyo/japan. no pushing around at platforms. the only problem maybe cramped carriages due to trains are used by almost all people in tokyo. but even the carriages are cramped but no pushing at platforms…
i always opt for standing in trains even in malaysia. i know that i am of a good health and i don’t really need to sit. but for long journey like to tsuchiura, i sit when there are seats available.
looking outside the train’s glass window.
didn’t remember the name of this station but it is small but filled with people.. lotsa people. but even small, they formed lines nonetheless.. eventhough they are crooked in some way ^^. all i could remember, outside this station is harajuku.
the first thing i say outside the train station just on the opposite of the road – takeshita dori. takehita street. wow.. i’m finally here. bustling with people mostly young ones and school kids.
we wanted to go to yoyogi park which is just a few minutes walk from the station. along the way, there are shopping places that could make your yens disappear.. magic..
i wanted to cross the road. but i did not actually.. hahaha…
just on the right is harajuku station. harajuku station has a very beautiful design. you’ll see it in a moment.
this is the bridge that is popular among cosplayers. you’ll see them here on weekends. you can’t see them in this pic which means that it was not taken on a weekend.. sigh…
the sight from the bridge.. the opposite view. that is one beautiful and lovely building (on the left). i must say it is my favorite in tokyo. but, even i like it a lot, i do not know what the name of the building is.. sigh.. (again) ^^
this is the gate entering yoyogi park. there’s even a shrine in here but i could not find the time going to the shrine for a visit. takeshita street still waiting for me ^^
the day lights suddenly diminish when you entered the park. under these lush green trees, the lights could not reach in. furthermore, it was about time daylight turn to twilight. evening twilight. the park closed at 4pm and it was nearing that time.
the lights turned on as to suggest it’ll get dark sometime soon and the park will be closed. the pic here is on high iso reading. so you could not really see the real darkness i was talking about. but believe me, without the camera iso, you’ll only see the lights coming out from the lamp post.
out of yoyogi park and starting from here the pics will have various level of brightness. since some of the places still receive sun lights and some don’t, so i played around with iso a lot. for those who don’t have a clue what iso is, here it means (thank you yahoo answers!) : It refers to the light sensitivity of the film and is indicated by the number. The lower number meaning it is less sensitive thus requiring more light to register the image. A ISO 200 rating is twice as sensitive as an ISO 100 rating etc. The basic way to make use of it is when you are shooting in lower light you would increase the ISO rating. This then gives you the opportunity to use a faster shutter speed (or smaller aperture). Examples would be sports photographers who need to get shots of action in failing light, they would upgrade the ISO so they can shoot at faster shutter speeds. hope you know what iso does to a pic ^^ and oh yeah, i went to yoyogi park to perform zohor and asar prayers actually. there are no surau/prayer hall but the beauty of islam is that we can perform prayers anywhere as long as the place is clean, pointing to the kiblat and we are under wudhu’ condition ^^.
awww.. it’s my favorite building again…
great looking sky. just beautiful…
there’s the harajuku station. you’ll see more of it in the next picture..
getting down from the pedestrian flyover and snapped this pic. ain’t the sky looked great? so pretty.. (you see? with different iso setting plus apperture and shutter speed, you get different mood of pics eventhough the sky still not completely dark – a little tutorial) ^^
some would take a walk and some just sit around and watch people passing by..
harajuku station.. ^^
 welcome to takeshita street where there are lots and lots of stores selling stuff and places where you can eat/drink
another lookie of the street. many many people..
daiso is like a lot in japan. also can be found here at takeshita street..
i didn’t buy anything here.. there are a lot of things to buy actually.. but when a lot of buying suggestions come to my mind, i ended up buying nothing hahaha..
in actual, comparing to malaysia, the price of shirts and shoes doe not differ much and more of them are actually cheaper than in malaysia.
let’s shop! but i suppose most of the people here come to see the buzz and the going-ons in takeshita street. it’s a place vibrant with people.. lights.. and shops..
you want to store your duck?? the shop at the right can.. ^^
so we came back to the beginning of the street.
nearly 5pm and by 5pm it would get dark..
takeshita exit of harajuku station..
great time walking around takeshita street. so, we come to another end and i’ll see you in the next chapter. bye..


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